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Name: East Central 89117B P390 Item Type: Land view
Details: 1 acre of vacant land located in Shoal Bay village in a residential area that is gradually developing.
Starting Bid:$ 63,000.00  
Name: East Central 89117B P62 Item Type: Business view
Details: Development under construction consisting of three similar apartment buildings on an acre of land. Property is located in Shoal Bay about 5 minutes drive away from the Shoal Bay beach.
Starting Bid:$ 3,300,000.00  
Name: East Central 89118B P146 Item Type: Residential view
Details: Partially completed Single Storey House on 0.22 acre of land. Constructed to accommodate a second floor. Consist of 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and laundry room. (Starti...
Starting Bid:$ 252,000.00  
Name: East Central 89318B P214 Item Type: Residential view
Details: Two two-storey apartment buildings located in Island Harbour. Two one bedroom apartments with one bathroom per floor for a total of four apartments per building.
Starting Bid:$ 274,000.00  
Name: East Central 89416B P34 Item Type: Residential view
Details: Two storey apartment building with a pool.
Starting Bid:$ 675,000.00  
Name: East Central 89418 B P 44 Item Type: Land view
Details: The property is located at East End village with a view of surrounding villages and the Atlantic sea to the north. The subject property consist of 0.5 of an acre of land.
Starting Bid:$ 40,000.00  
Name: East Central: 89218B 268 Item Type: Residential view
Details: Property located in upscale residential area,the Sea Rocks, Island Harbour. It rests on the peak of a small hill that makes it stand out from other developments in the area. It is a single story resid...
Starting Bid:$ 5,400,000.00  
Name: East End 99315B P33 Item Type: Residential view
Details: The property is located at Seafeathers Village comprising of 1.75 acres with a three bedroom, three bathroom residential house thereon with living, dining room, kitchen, pantry room with front and ba...
Starting Bid:$ 500,000.00  
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